Call from Nişantaşı University: We need to Continue our Investments for our Country

A lot of support is given by investors, businessmen and university society while balancing in Turkish economy is still going on. Levent Uysal, the Founder of Nişantaşı Educational Foundation, called local and foreign investors saying, “We need to continue our investments for our country”.

Fitch Ratings, International credit rating agency, reported in his explanation about Turkish economy that there is progress in balancing and stability of economy, and thus the risk of weakening of economy has reduced. It has been exclaimed that in spite of recovery of current balance, increase of foreign exchange reserves, persistence of economic growth, decrease in inflation, and interest rates, raise in value of Turkish lira, supportive conditions in global financing, and finalization of sanctions of the USA related to Syria have been considered as positive developments.

Investors and businessmen have been persisting on their supports for this balancing period. Levent Uysal, the Founder of Nişantaşı Educational Foundation, called local and foreign investors and said, “We need to continue our investments for our country”.


Levent Uysal stated Turkey has been standing against economic attacks strongly and added, “In spite of everything, our country has failed all the attacks on the economy. Turkey has been governed so well thanks to Presidency system. For that reason, we stand by our government and management of the economy”.

Uysal, sating Turkey has the greatest power to overcome all types of problems, said, “We are going to respond to the ones expecting deterioration of economy by persisting on our investments. As businessmen, we are making efforts to provide employment for our country. Intensive works that our economy management have changed the negative environment into a positive one.”


Uysal also shared his evaluations about the explanation of Fitch Ratings, the credit rating agency, about the increase of Turkey’s credit rate from negative to stable in the previous days, and stated, “Even if credit agencies are not eager, they feel obliged to increase the credit rate of our country ".


Uysal ended his words as follows:

“Efforts for recovery of economy has been initiated both politically and commercially when over-all combat against inflation started. All these efforts were achieved well and inflation rates drastically decreased. Under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and with support of MHP leader Mr. Devlet Bahçeli, a positive environment was created during the recovery period. Our economy, recovered fast thanks to actions of Mr. Berat Albayrak, our Minister of Finance and Treasury, pulled itself together in a shorter period of time than expected, which caused the need for a revision. Turkish economy has undergone a revision period with the explanations of our minister. We need to take on responsibility to support Turkish economy during this period as the businessmen. For that reason, we need to keep on our investments for our country.”

Release date: 04.11.2019