E-Mail Service to All Nişantaşı University Students!

E-Mail Service to All Nişantaşı University Students!

Nişantaşı University Information Technologies Department is giving each student an e-mail account.

To receive or send e-mails, you only need to use the interface. Enter ‘Your Student Number’ + as your username, and your OBİS password for the password.

Example: [email protected] >>>>> Password: ******** (Your OBİS password)

What are the advantages of using these accounts? is a comfortable and flexible way to reach your personal e-mail account. Via you can send, receive and read your e-mails and create address books.

Users will be able to contact the academic and administrative staff much more easily with these e-mail accounts.

Our user students can use the e-mail account on their phones and their accounts will be synchronized on different devices (the accounts work on Android, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, etc. Tablets and Symbian Operating Systems).

All the e-mails sent and received by users will be checked for virus and spam.

As long as the user is a part of the Nişantaşı University and for 2 months after they leave (except for the graduates), they can continue using the e-mail accounts and addresses.

The users will also be able to use the Microsoft Office products below:

Is there a storage limit?

We give our students 50 GB of storage space.

What happens if I exceed the quota?

If you exceed the quota, you are not going to be able to receive e-mails and the users that try to send you e-mails are going to be informed that your mailbox is full.

Will my e-mail account be deleted when I leave the university?

Our students can continue using their e-mail accounts for two months after they leave.

Release date: 06.11.2018