NishNova Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center is Searching for Entrepreneurs!

While NishNova Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center opens doors for entrepreneurs, it supports young people who travel in their career journeys in line with their dreams and goals in the new and changing world. NishNova, which is located on the Neotech Campus in Maslak, offers new opportunities not only for university students but also academicians and graduates with Education 4.0, which is the new application on the campus that is intertwined with technology. In applications, subjects such as age, gender, school, and the location they live are not considered as criteria, while the most important criterion will be the belief and determination for their dreams and individuals who are prone to stable work will be given priority.

At NishNova, entrepreneurs can benefit from seminars, workshops and training series. In addition to the workshops that include applied activities and entrepreneurship activities, entrepreneurs will receive trainings from experts in their fields in order to grow and develop their own businesses. As the series of seminars, CEO meetings and Together series continue. In these seminars, while entrepreneurs can listen to experts from many sectors and their experience, continue their career journeys with these gained experiences. NishNova, the Incubation Center, supports the needs and wishes of entrepreneurs with its angel investor networks, along with mentoring and consultancy supports.

NishNova made the second project call in less than a year after the opening. After the first call, they added 20 entrepreneurs into the body. Entrepreneurs on the list below continue their work at NishNova. For details and application:

 Enterprises taking part at NishNova

External Display Card (EDC)
Ask somebody who knows
System collecting waste with artificial intelligence
Aydaki Game Studio
King Teklif
Kibele Media
We need an expert
Personal Production
Big Data
My Pharmacy
VR Ready

Release date: 05.09.2018