"Best Novel" Award to Faculty Member Metin Şahin at the Golden Pen Awards!

Faculty Member at the Management Information Systems Department of our university, Computer Engineer Metin Şahin was entitled to receive awards with four novels in the "Best Novel" category at the Golden Pen Awards. At the ceremony, which will take place on 14 May 2018, the books of "Continuous Peace, Concrete and Abstract Approaches to Parallel Universes, Volumeless Mass and Massless Volume, Planets in the 1881 Universe" will be awarded.

The works of Metin Şahin, who writes novels in science fiction genre, are brought to the reader by publishers under the category of “popular science book”. The fifth book of Metin Şahin, who addresses the topics in his books including travel between universes, the importance given to scientific research and development, travel in time, irradiation, making new discoveries in terms of space sciences, will take its part in bookstores soon.

Release date: 24.04.2018