Student Council and Student Clubs Came Together

Organized by Nişantaşı University Student Council Executive Board, the 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Semester Student Clubs Meeting was held in NeoTech Campus Judge Colonel Süleyman Takkeci Conference Hall.

60 student club presidents attended the meeting, which started with the opening speech of our Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Levent Uysal.

In his speech, Dr. Levent Uysal asked student club presidents to share all their opinions and suggestions. He also stated that he and each of the academic staff will work as a club member and provide the necessary support. In addition to all these, he promised to come together frequently through events and organizations with the clubs that stand out with the competitions and auditions to be held between the clubs.

Undergraduate Student Dean Fatih Yıldız, after meeting with the newly opened clubs and club presidents, told the students about the current and planned activities. He stated that, as the Dean of Students, they will support all clubs so that the clubs can carry out more efficient activities.

Finally, Nişantaşı University Secretary General Ahmet Süngeriçlioğlu, who listened to the demands of the students, emphasized that the unity and solidarity of the clubs is very important in the projects to be realized.

The meeting ended with the questions and answers of the Student Council and the club presidents.

Release date: 24.03.2021