“I manage student psychology well „

It is a name attracting everyone’s attention by taking place at the advertisements of the university. Even if there was still any person who had not heard Nişantaşı University yet, everyone had started to mention about Levent Uysal suddenly when the advertisements were designed with the photos of the founder of the university.
This campaign was in 2015 and made a tremendous impact.

Having worked in Çukurova Group together with Mehmet Emin Karamehmet for years, and then being a senior manager at Turk Telekom, and the General Secretary of Association of Foundation Universities for a short time, Levent Uysal established his own education institution. He started his journey by establishing Nişantaşı Education and Culture Foundation with 550 thousand-lira-capital in 2010. Opening a vocational school in Osmanbey, Mr. Uysal entered the education sector and turned it into a university in 2012. He improved this project so much that it has reached 30 thousand students today.
National and international educational projects of Levent Uysal, who gathered with a small press group to explain his new projects the previous day, have turned our heads.  

"If you want to establish a university, the education foundation needs to own 100 million-lira-assets as well as the building.
In addition, it is compulsory that 20% of the assets be cash. It was not like that when we set out. We haven’t entered the education sector with great amount of money ", said Uysal and summarized the reason why his own photos were used in the advertisement as "transparency. It is essential that who is the behind the university ".

Stating that the university is audited every year for scientific competence and financial issues and is growing gradually every year, Levent Uysal also says that they try to establish a sustainable structure and to stay strong in terms of finance by managing the purchases himself and producing projects.

Nişantaşı University has 5 campuses in İstanbul. Since a problem with the location occured in Nişantaşı, from which the university got its name, it moved to a big campus in Bayrampaşa. 65% of its students have scholarships. 125 thousand students wrote the name of Nişantaşı University in their university preference lists.

“It means we are among the top 3. It is essential to manage student psychology well. For example, the ad campaign saying “Don’t worry! We are here!” hung on the billboards near Boğaziçi University in the past is a result of this kind of approach.” says Mr. Uysal.
Mr. Uysal also established a company in London to provide education abroad. 50 of the students studying in Nişantaşı University take language education now in Nişantaşı Campus in London.
"We are about to open campuses in Dublin, Cologne, Barcelona or Madrid in Spain and Milan. We wish our students can learn a language and improve themselves culturally”, says Mr. Uysal and his projects are not limited to those. He also mentions that they are going to open a school in Dubai negotiating with a London-based school, and they are already at the last stage of the negotiations for opening a faculty on urbanism in Austria.
Of course, the biggest project is going on at full speed in the country. Levent Uysal, who had purchased 106 thousand square meter closed area for a university a year before Ağaoğlu's Maslak 1453 project and started his project, is going to increase his student capacity which is 30 thousand to 68 thousand gradually in 2018. Thus, Nişantaşı University’s investment on national and international education will be 700 million liras. Mr. Uysal says, "We have made 150 million-lira-investment up to now. We are making a 550 million-lira-investment for Maslak ".

Even if Levent Uysal is not eager to talk about his other jobs apart from education, we have learnt that he has enlarged his family’s lands in Mersin, and now they are producing and exporting fresh fruit and vegetables.

Release date: 01.06.2017