Reinforcement to the Orienteering National Team from Nişantaşı University

Fatih Şölen, a freshman from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Nişantaşı University, was included in the camp of the Orienteering National Team. In addition, Dilek Matyar, one of the teachers of the Department of Physical Education and Sports School of the University, was selected as the orienteering national team coach.

By making a statement on the issue, Dilek Matyar said; "I was a member of national team of Turkey Orienteering Federation. But I withdrew from sportsmanship due to workload. However, the federation stated that I could be more useful as a coach. So they brought coaching offers for the World Junior Championship. We held our first camp on February 8-12 in Istanbul Sarıyer. Our student Fatih Şölen, on the other hand, was entitled to be invited to the camp and became a candidate for the National Team, as he remained in the top 7 in the ranks made so far. There will be another camp in March. We will continue our path there with the candidates elected to the National Team.”

Release date: 19.02.2020