Children with autism worked wonders in the kitchen with the university students

A special event was organized by the foundation university for children with autism on behalf of April 23 National Sovereignty Day. Rector Prof. Şenay YALÇIN expressed his happiness by saying; “April 23 National Sovereignty Day is a day gifted to children. We prepared a special event at our university for this day. We are really pleased, this is a very special and meaningful activity. We want to continue these events. ”

Children with autism and their families attended the event organized by Nişantaşı University. The students of the University's Gastronomy Department and the kids entered the kitchen and cooked various meals together. Rector Prof. Şenay YALÇIN and Dr. Levent Uysal, the founder of Nişantaşı Education Foundation, also entered the kitchen and helped children. After the activity in the kitchen, the kids looked at the robots in the university and started the small car mechanisms. Belinay, one of the children with autism, whose happiness is visible in her eyes, said: “I am very happy, we made a cake” and she thanked everyone saying “I love you very much”. Little Ahmet Halit also said, "We made a cake, I am very happy." He answered the question of "Will you come here again?" excitedly "Of course I will!"

“Our main goal is to send the positive energy to them”

Stating that they organized the event to spread the positive energy to the whole world, Nişantaşı Education Foundation Founder Dr. Levent Uysal said, “This activity is especially good for our little friends to come to school, to mingle with our valuable students and to pass the positive energy here to our little kids. We want them to have some fun and stay positive.” and emphasized that this is their main goal.

“Children with autism do not feel well during the pandemic”

Nişantaşı University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts student and Head of Culinary Arts Club Rabia Barutçu said, “National Sovereignty and Children's Day is very important for children. They have a hard time especially during the pandemic period. During this period, they get bored at home. They do not feel well both mentally and physically. As the university, we wanted to do such a fun activity together. Thanks to our management, we were able to hold this event. They supported us in all kinds of moral and material ways and they never left us alone.”

“Our children will make great inventions in the future”

Stating that their main goal is to raise awareness, Prof. Dr. Şenay YALÇIN said, “You know that there are people in different parts of our society who need special attention. It is very important to reveal that potential and talent in them. I would like to state that I attach great importance to such activities. Technology is an indispensable part of our lives, especially today. Therefore, it is very important for our young people who need normal or special education to keep up with the technology. I am sure that people who are supposed to need special education will be able to make great inventions in the future. That's why we’ve made our robot event today." Esengül Delen, the mother of Ahmet, said, “It was a very nice event for us and very good for our children's self-confidence. I and my son are very happy” and stated that they want to participate in such an event again.


Release date: 22.04.2021