She overcomes disability of her fingers with her paintings

Esma Yirmibeş, living in Istanbul, proved it is not necessary to have 10 fingers to paint. The 19-year-old young girl, born with missing fingers, started to paint at the age of 3 and brought tens of paintings into existence. Esma, who just got into university, now aims to present her paintings in an exhibition.

19-year-old Esma Yirmibeş, living in Istanbul, proved that determination can overcome all the obstacles. Esma was born with 4 fingers in total on both hands, and started to draw and paint at the age of 3. The young girl improved her talent thanks to the support of her mom, dad and teachers, and got into Graphics Design Department at Nişantaşı University. Esma, appreciated by her teachers and family all the time, said, “I wanted to prove everyone it is enough to paint to have four fingers, not ten.”


Esma Yirmibeş explained that she discovered her interest in painting at primary school, and added, “We used to draw something with my friends in Arts lessons. My friends told me they really liked my drawings and supported me all the time. I have always felt enthusiastic about painting and drawing, and I started an arts course at primary school to improve this talent. I wished to improve my talent for graphics at high school and studied graphics design. During the period when I prepared for university entrance exam, I started a drawing course. My teacher was really supportive of me at high school. First, I believed in myself. Later, my family, sister, and teacher supported me”.



Esma Yirmibeş pointed out, ‘I have never thought my inborn disability would be a problem in my life,” and added, “If I had considered this as an obstacle, I would have never started. I wanted to show my talent to everyone in order not to consider these disabilities. I wanted to prove how it will be challenging to overcome everything. It was really difficult for me, and it still is. I have stood this difficulty not just for myself but also for others to show what kind of paths I have to go through, so I started drawing. I wanted the looks to focus on my drawings, not on my hands. When people see me, they ask me how I can do it, but in fact everyone can manage it. You can achieve as long as you believe. I wanted to prove that. When you believe, everything is possible to happen”.

The young girl who would like to hold an exhibition in the future also stated that she wants everyone to witness her success.


Reyhan Yirmibeş (44), Esma’s mother feeling proud of her daughter, stated that special children must be supported. Reyhan Yirmibeş also added, “Esma has two older sisters and a twin sister.  She has always been enthusiastic about drawing and painting since her infancy. She used to paint her older sister’s painting books. I started to be more supportive of her as I saw her enthusiasm about drawing. I witnessed she proved herself and achieved. I realized she was making efforts to do something. I never hindered her; on the contrary, I always let her free. She was born with missing fingers, but we, as her family, never considered that as a disability. In fact, special people have no disabilities. They just have difficulty to express themselves. We have to be helpful to them at this point. We need to bring these children in society. We must help them prove their talents and abilities. Even if I cannot express my feelings, I can tell I am proud of my daughter as her mom”.


Release date: 06.01.2020