Franchising Opportunities in Pastry Sector was Discussed in Nişantaşı University

80 percent of entrepreneurs prefer fast food.

The "Exhaustive Franchising" panel by the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association (JCI) hosted by Nişantaşı University discussed the point of the pastry and bakery sector is in. Zuhal Ürgün, Project Director of the panel, said, "Entrepreneurs generally invest in food. 80% of them prefer fast food."

The United States, England, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, including thousands of brands are franchising. Brands using the franchise system get ahead of their competitors in a short time. The Franchising panel, organized by JCI Istanbul Branch for the third time this year, brings the leading institutions of the industry together with entrepreneurs who are interested in Franchising.

To explain the franchising business model in Turkey correctly and in order to respond fully to the questions in the minds of entrepreneurs "Exhaustive Franchising" panel organised by JCI Istanbul chose this year's theme as Pastry Franchising. The rising trend, along with the history of pastry and bakery sector and how profitable investment area it is was explained by the representatives of the sector.

MADO General Coordinator Mehmet Yılmazoğlu and Owner of Değirmen Pastaneleri Mehmet Taşyumruk joined to the panel moderated by Mesut Süren,


Exhaustive Franchising Project Director Zuhal Ürgün said, "Pastry Franchising is a rising trend. It has a deep-rooted history. We will listen to the story of how the Pastry and Bakery sector turned into today's cafes and restaurants by the names that made a difference in the sector.  Entrepreneurs are going for food, 80 per cent of those prefer fast food. The industry needs more development in Turkey, there are gaps. When we look at America and Europe, the franchising sector in Turkey is still developing".


The General Coordinator of MADO Mehmet Yılmazoğlu said, "We are leader in the franchising industry as a cafe. For over 30 years, we are growing with Franchising. In Turkey, we currently have 310 franchising and 10 branches. We are careful with the investor’s position while giving the Franchise. Regardless of what you do, we need to deal primarily with the business in our sector. You can sell your products very early in the morning and very late in the night, and your interest in the branch and the region will speed up the return process of your investment in the region. The investor is important for us. His interest in his work and his labour expenditure are important, ".

"We are targeting to open up 48 branches in 36 months"

Release date: 10.12.2018