They measured the pulse of the market in the Grand Bazaar

Students of the department of economics, finance and banking at Nişantaşı University attended the micro-economy and financial statements analysis course in the Grand Bazaar.

Mehmet Ali Yıldırımtürk, who has been operating as a goldsmith in the Grand Bazaar since 1970, accompanied to the trip organized by Faculty Members, Assist. Prof. Dr. Parla Onuk, Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem Özarslan Saydar and Assist. Prof. Dr. Alican Umut.

By giving information about the purpose of the trip, Dr. Parla Onuk said, “We organized a trip to the Grand Bazaar with our students in the economics, economics, finance and banking and finance departments within the scope of micro economics and financial statements analysis course. Here, we wanted to ensure that our students who receive information about the sector from the Grand Bazaar tradesmen have an idea about the market. We also explained the importance of the gold market to our students in the last period.”.

Release date: 27.02.2020