We hosted Posta Newspaper Columnist Yavuz Kocaömer at our Barrier-Free Campus

We have realized a pleasant trip recently with Head of TESYEV (Turkey Disabled Sports Aid and Education Foundation), Milliyet and Posta newspaper columnist Yavuz Kocaömer on Neotech campus. Mr. Yavuz, who was very impressed by our campus that removes the obstacles, gave us his column in the Posta Newspaper today. After the meeting with our Founding President Mr. Levent Uysal, Kocaömer announced that panels about disabled people and sports for disabled people will be held with the cooperation of Nişantaşı University - TESYEV.

Yavuz Kocaömer's column dated September 10, 2018:

University without barriers

 10 September 2018, Monday 

I received an invitation a while ago from my friend, Fikret Ercan, who is the Board Member of Turkey Disabled Sports Aid and Education Foundation (TESYEV) after having served 48 years in the newspaper Hurriyet and left in December 2017. My friend, who has spent years and almost his life in Hürriyet Newspaper, is now on the Executive Board of Nişantaşı University.

I must say I'm surprised.

You will read the information about Nişantaşı University below. We met at this university's Maslak 1453 Neotech Campus. It was a very warm welcome. As I toured the campus, I really thought for a while; how such a university can be established, how can it be implemented? Aside from the colleges and faculties inside it, laboratories and practical really surprised me. For the first time in a university, I can say that I saw a flight simulator. It contains very modern and state-of-the-art technology equipment, such as those used in various airline companies.


Our guide was our scholarship holder

Another feature of this university is that it is really barrier-free. Ramps, elevators, crossings are all designed for disabled people. The number of students is constantly increasing in this campus, which welcomed its first students in the 2017-2018 academic year. While visiting the campus, Burak Can Avcı, our brother with wheelchair, one of the former scholarship students of TESYEV, guided us. We would also like to thank the Secretary General Coordinator Caner Otrakçı, who never left us alone during the trip.

Continue with 23 thousand students

Levent Uysal is the founder of Nişantaşı University. This is the first time I have personally come across a founder who is so meticulous and so closely involved with everything in the university. Surely there are some other similar people in our country. But I have not met before. Let's come to the university: Nişantaşı University joined the education-training system in 2009 by the Nişantaşı Education and Culture Foundation. So, it's a foundation university. They also gave first graduates in 2011. Since 2017, education continues at its new campus Maslak 1453 Neotech Campus, with a capacity of 68 thousand students, with a total indoor and outdoor area of 150 thousand square meters. Currently, the number of students is 23 thousand.

Both undergraduate and graduate

20 departments at the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, 8 at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, 8 at the Faculty of Art and Design, and 78 at the Nişantaşı Vocational School were started education. In addition, the university serves youth with its graduate programs in 4 different departments affiliated to the Social Sciences Institute and its experienced education staff.

Ideas that transform into business

Nişantaşı University tries to direct its students to community and sports activities in extra-curricular times. There are 44 student clubs within the university to perform social, cultural and sports activities and to contribute to the social development of students. The newly established NishNova Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center provides the necessary resources for students to develop their ideas that can transform into business. The public working area in Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus is an early stage business incubator center. Nişantaşı University also supports new initiatives and start-up projects. NishNova Business Incubator Center provides students with the necessary resources from idea to prototype, from prototype to product, from initial product sales to scaling. Thus, the first step of the business life is practiced while studying. Consultancy is given on technical, business and education issues, there are also opinions of volunteer experts and mentoring service. Angel investors organizing events that meet entrepreneurs and capital institutions.



In our interview with Dear Levent Uysal, a series of panels in the forthcoming period on topics of disabled people and disabled sports were decided between Disabled Sports Aid and Education Foundation (TESYEV), Turkey's National Paralympic Committee (TMPK) and Nişantaşı University. Because of this, we will meet again in the coming days. My dear friend Fikret, thank you for bringing me together with such a beauty.

Release date: 10.09.2018