Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu: It is essential to keep the feet on the ground while choosing your department

All undergraduate candidates are going to choose their departments according to their scores and rankings after the announcement of the results of Undergraduate Placement Exam (LYS). The candidates who shook off their nerves about the exam results have already started to focus on their choices immediately. Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, the Rector of Nişantaşı University gave some advice to the candidates about this process and said, “It is also important to follow your dreams, but it is essential to keep the feet on the ground while choosing your department.”

All attention is being paid to this preference process after the results of 2017 LYS were announced. Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, the Rector of Nişantaşı University, said "Making a preference actually means abandoning something” and added:

"First of all, I would like to wish good luck and ask the candidates to be self-confident. Making a preference actually means abandoning something. Therefore, it is vital for you to determine your priorities, and prepare the list according to your own talents, desires, and needs. In fact, you have quite a long time. Thus, you can take the advantage of this period by visiting campuses, talking to the lecturers, and discussing about what may happen in the departments they wish in the future, and about which professions can be appropriate for them. In fact, it is important to follow your dreams. If you do not have any dreams, then you cannot be aware of where to go. You cannot go towards it or focus on it. However, it is still essential to be realistic while following your dreams because we know ourselves better than anyone. We know best about what we can do, at what we are more talented, and what we do with love rather than other people around us.  For that reason, it is important to be a bit realistic. It is also possible to evaluate some preferences later. For example, if you choose a department, you can later do a double major or minor, or you can support your education with elective courses."


Mentioning about professions of the future, Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, also said, "The world is rapidly changing so are our preferences. Therefore, I believe it is not logical to limit ourselves to today’s current professions now. It is so nice to be able to do the best of what we are able to do now or what we would like to do. For, no matter what your job is, you can always find a way for yourself if you do what you do with love or if you are successful at that. Of course, there are some popular jobs today. We live in a more digital age. New media is very important, so is informatics sector.”


Explaining positive and negative effects of open-ended questions which are inserted in this year’s exam for the first time, Prof. Dr. Hatipoğlu, said, "In fact, each student has his/her own answering trend. It has been seen that this new method is more useful for some students while it is the opposite for some. However, this is an exam over which the assessment for university entrance is performed. We have to assess our students in different tests in a very short time period. These new question types are the ones that try to test how students’ knowledge can be evaluated better. Each change definitely brings in fear, but I guess such kind of changes will continue. Therefore, it is important that our students should be prepared for such kind of questions.”


Ms. Hatipoğlu stated that a new education model, called ‘Nish Edu’ has been put into practice at Nişantaşı University, and explained the model as follows:

"We have a critical study for the last two years. We have a new education model called Nish Edu over both the new education model and our academicians and new campus studies. 3rd generation university is also its dimension but Nish Edu education model has some dimensions. One of them is digital education. It is about digital curriculum, students’ ability to listen to the lessons on digital platforms, the opportunity of following these lessons over smart classes, creating some small classrooms with student groups in fewer numbers. The second most important component is to establish an academic staff group that will be able to meet this digital process. The third is that we have been making great efforts to teach English well because we believe it is vital. An essential component of third generation university is relations with the sector. Therefore, the most significant part of the education model of Nişantaşı University is relations with the sector. We have a lot of lecturers representing the leading public and private institutions in the sector. We have revised our curriculum in accordance with their needs. In general we create the environment for our students to perform internships and professional practices. We also give them the chance to do a double major and minor. We provide them for free. We are trying to enable our students to acquire two degrees in framework of Nish Edu or some kind of certificates as long as they meet the achievement criteria. We have adopted the mission of teaching our students English very well from the beginning. Therefore, we are trying to help them improve their English abroad at our language centres for free, which means to help them learn English in the countries where English is spoken. This is a dimension of internationalization. Secondly, we are trying to create an exchange program in frame of every kind of bilateral agreements. Erasmus Plus is an example to that. We provide exchange opportunities both to our academic staff, administrative staff and our students. In addition, we aim to broaden our students’ visions thanks to bilateral agreements. Apart from these, I believe we have a serious international network in accordance with the relations I have built before as an international relations professor. We present all these to our students. We send our students free of charge if there is any conference invitation. All these are to enable our students to become world citizens. I wish good luck in their exams and education life to all the students. I would like to utter again that I believe they are going to make the best choice for themselves.”

Release date: 20.07.2017