Prof. Dr. Hasan Köni explains Strategical Importance of the North Pole

The conference titled “Strategical Position of the Arctic Zone” was held in Maslak Neotech 1453 Campus at Nişantaşı University in 14 December 2017.

In the conference organized by Prof. Dr. Hasan Köni, how climate change and global warming affect state policies and interstate relations.

Köni pointed out that energy resources revealed because the ice caps melt due to global warming caused numerous countries to be interested in this zone. Particiularly the United States of America (USA), Canada, Russian Federation and Norway, which have borders in the arctic zone, and also Iceland, Sweden and Denmark are in the forefront. Köni also attracted attention to the fact that there is a struggle of power among these states over these energy resources not discovered yet and discovered due to the melted ice caps.

It was also mentioned in the conference that interstate struggle of power over the energy powers may jump from Middle East to Arctic zone in near future.

Release date: 18.12.2017