Prof. Dr. Hayriyem Zeynep ALTAN’s Conference Realized

Hayriyem Zeynep ALTAN, both an author and an academician, held a conference at Faculty of Communication of İstanbul University at 10.00 on Tuesday, October 24.

Prof. Dr. Hayriyem Zeynep ALTAN, a lecturer at Radio, Television and Cinema Department, Art and Design Faculty, Nişantaşı University, mentioned about the obstacles before motherhood and femininity primarily referring to the scientific study named “E. Ferrante’s Troubling Love: Killing Mother for Keeping Her Love” and many other relevant writings in the conference titled “Killing Mother for Keeping Her Love”.

Ms. ALTAN touched upon several topics from the story of a girl who would like to feel close but cannot, dark places in everyone’s lives, consciousness of being a woman, concept of being marginalised, and to why someone need to be afraid of differences  in the conference where she told the story of her own “femininity” and facing “motherhood” which was the role she had not taken yet  during her journey of writing her book published by “Lap Lambert Academic Publishing”. Prof. Dr. Hayriyem Zeynep ALTAN also informed the participants about ÖÇED (Special Children Education and Solidarity Association at the end of the conference.

Release date: 27.10.2017