Prof. Dr. Öztürk: Report Card Must Have Spiritual Value

Stating that it is not wrong to reward the child for his success on the report card. Prof. Dr. Özgür Özturk, the gift should have a spiritual value rather than material, he said. Ozturk, "memories of the awards, motivates the child more about the future," he said.

Students will receive their report cards tomorrow after an intensive educational period. Thus, the holiday period will start for approximately 18 million students. In this period, families can choose to celebrate their children's report card with an award. Psychiatrist Professor of Nişantaşı University who stated that there is nothing wrong with rewarding the child's report card. Prof. Dr. Özgür Öztürk, this award does not necessarily have to carry a material value, he said.


"Gift should not shake the family budget," Prof. Dr. Özgür Öztürk said, mak It is a good thing to reward the successful child. But the reward does not necessarily have a material value. The award may include activities such as a family holiday, time spent together, family visits to a theater or cinema that the child desires. So you need to go out of your family routine. However, the gift should be such that it does not exaggerate or surprise the family budget. For example, there may be rewards such as taking a bicycle, sending the child to a course, sending a camp. The family should not have an award that pushes the limits of their own and is extremely disturbing and does not take the child out of the standards..


Describing prizes of high moral value rather than prizes with high financial value. Prof. Dr. Öztürk said, iz If it is restrained, we are not against the financial reward. In addition to this, we find it much more accurate for the child to spend time with the family and to carry out an extraordinary activity. Because financial gifts are consumed in a very short time. For example, you bought a new gift such as bicycle, computer game. They are consumed in a very short time. But things of spiritual value are unforgettable for life. For example, a holiday, a camp such gifts are remembered by the child for years. The rewards, which are in memory, motivate the child more about the future ”.


Emphasizing that the praise and gratitude should not be overloaded, Öztürk warned the families in the face of successful or unsuccessful report card:

“We see the same thing in the over-appreciated child and the unappreciated child. Therefore, it is always useful to have families restrained. Not to miss the measure of praise and praise. Families should remember that their children are ultimately their children, whatever the report card. If the child has a failure, it should be remembered that the parents have a share in this. We do not think that the child's success is merely his own. We should feel the same feelings when we fail, just as we are proud of our child as a parent when he succeeds. ”

Release date: 07.06.2018