Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı: “Brain is getting smaller when it is not used”

Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı, Vice President of Interdisciplinary Brain Research Society, stated that brain gets smaller when it is not used. Prof. Dr. Batı highlighted that “brain-based learning” method is of great importance in order to prevent it. He also suggested, "It is vital to learn in accordance with appropriate style, timing, taking risks, application of right techniques, consideration of learning as a need, improvement of applicable learning practices, and storifying ".

3rd Neuroscience Congress organized by Interdisciplinary Brain Research Society (DABAD), hosted by Nişantaşı University, started yesterday. 120 lecturers are making presentations in two days in the event where approximately 900 scholars have attended. Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı, Vice President of Interdisciplinary Brain Research Society and lecturer of Nişantaşı University, attracted attention to the structure of brain in the interview before the conference.


Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı reported, “If you had the capability to create the same of the brain, it would require a budget of 3.5 quadrillion”, and added, “This is metaphorical because we do not have such kind of a technology now. Everyone has a brain and needs to use it. If you use the brain in a right way, can you feel happier? Scientists still search it. However, there is a research whose conclusion is already certain; brain gets smaller when you do not use it. We are talking about an organ shrinking in size. However, it gets small enough to allow you to maintain your biological life. We are mentioning about a spectacular organ which can change itself structurally and chemically.


Prof. Dr. Batı highlighted that brain has a learning mechanism, and listed the precautions to be taken in order to avoid brain shrinkage in size: “Brain has a learning mechanism, and when you leave it alone, it already starts to learn. There are generations we could not teach English beginning from pre-school period to post-doctorate. Imagine about a 5-year-old girl. Her father works at Foreign Affairs in Italy, and her mother is Ukrainian. Let’s say her grandmother speaks modern Greek, and she takes English classes at school. In addition, her mother tongue is Turkish. This girl can learn these 5 languages like her native language since the age of 5. We should question what we have done to this girl, and why she cannot learn only one foreign language at the age of 27. Brain-based learning embeds learning with the appropriate style, timing, taking risks, identifying learning as a need, and improving applicable learning practices in it. Remember that if learning is not considered as a need, then forgetting starts. We need to use the information we get for efficient learning. In this sense, learning with storifying is of great importance.”


Prof. Dr. Batı also stated, “Brain works unlike to any other organs thanks to the number of connections it makes in a second. There are some questions like how much of the brain is used in percentage. However, it is not right. We use a hundred percent of the brain capacity. This is a requirement of evolutionary biology, and otherwise cannot be thought. How correctly we use it is the most important issue. To what extent do we use our brain correctly in making decisions, learning, at the stage of creating, producing, and for fairness, equality, and a happier life? We have some problems at this point!”,highlighting that storage capacity of brain is unlimited. 


Prof. Dr. Batı mentioned about splendid progress in artificial intelligence technology thanks to augmented reality applications. He also stated, “We are the first phase of human-beings, which means organic human composed of flesh and blood. We will see hybrid human at the second phase. Imagine your identity is around your wrist. Even if it is difficult to tell an exact date, it will be possible to see half-terminator organisms in 2030s.”


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Korkut Ulucan, Vice President of Brain Research Society, stated that everyone is under the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and recommended doing sports and solving puzzles that function brain everyday.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Korkut Ulucan emphasized the importance of detoxification of the body and made the following warnings:

“We cannot say ‘I will not do sports today, instead I will rest’. Brain, heart and kidneys do not say ‘I will not work today’. For that reason, we need to give our body what it needs everyday. We must detoxify our bodies. Exercise is the most important solution in such terms. For good nutrition, especially colourful food is essential. Third is brain exercise. We need to make brain exercise as we do physical exercises. Solving puzzles is the best one, but you need to solve puzzles like sudoku or play chess instead of doing crosswords. Playing any instruments, especially the ones you use your both hands, is vital. In addition, any activities that help brain make new connections are beneficial to our nerves. For example, we like backgammon. We must try new routes instead of making the same moves.

It is so beneficial to go on short holidays for your brain”. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Korkut Ulucan also exclaimed that a new disease will threaten our century in spite of elimination of Alzheimer’s Disease, and added “However, we can make right moves, and take necessary precautions. Alzheimer’s Disease may be eliminated, but it does not mean a new disease will not show up. Cancer will be a chronical disease 5 or 6 years later. Maybe then its treatment will be likely, but it is scarier that a new disease may break out instead.”.

Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın, the Rector of Nişantaşı University, expressed his happiness to host 3rd Neuroscience Congress, and stated, “Universities are not only places where lectures are given or students have the chance to socialize with each other, but also they are institutions that contribute to the society, which is of great importance. In this sense, trends towards scientific events have increased in the last quarter-century in Turkey thanks to the advance of technology. This is a really pleasing situation. Considering the developed countries, it is seen that they have progressed to an advanced level because they follow the path of science. We need to maintain our activities in the light of science in order to catch up with contemporary civilizations.”

Release date: 15.12.2019