Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı: Irregular income negatively affects brain health.

Many studies show that irregular income, material losses and uncertainties about income negatively affect brain health. Decision Scientist Dr. Uğur Batı, who said that people with irregular income may experience problems in brain health due to the constant stress, made suggestions to increase the quality of life and be able to socialize more.

Income fluctuation leaves more impact on human psychology and body than people think. Decision Scientist and Writer Dr. Uğur Batı stated that according to the researches, people with irregular income can face many stress-related problems.

Professor Dr. Uğur Batı, a Faculty Member at Nişantaşı University, said “It would be better to discuss a larger case that we call the central nervous system rather than the brain. The brain is part of it and also the main director”. He also added, “There will be losses and gains in human life. Living conditions are also an important parameter in this sense. Irregular income causes an ongoing stress, which we call cortical stress. Research at this subject reveal that the brain health of people with irregular income is negatively affected. One of the most essential features of the human species is survival, ensuring the continuity of its generation and maintaining its life safely. One of these is the requirement we meet our needs such as physical, security and nutrition. In the first stage of its life, which started tens of thousands of years ago in the earth, mankind tried to survive by hunting and felt safe as far as hunting can be accomplished. This is the main reason.”


Professor Dr. Uğur Batı stated that after meeting the needs of living, shelter and food, socialization comes next for a person. And he said; “Human is a social entity. Increasing the quality of life begins with the socialization step. There is a new approach which argues that hierarchy of needs approach of American psychologist Abraham Maslow is wrong. In this new approach, it is emphasized that people as a social asset should first meet their socialization needs. However, only people who meet their social needs can meet their other needs.”

Professor Dr. Batı also made suggestions to increase the quality of life and to ensure socialization. And added; “For example, hundreds of free events are organized in metropolitan cities. Istanbul is a bit more fortunate in this regard. But in our other provinces, our municipalities organize studies on social policies and offer them to citizens free of charge. By following these, people fill one of the important gaps in their lives. Increasing the quality of life is related to making the life deeper. Thus, improving the quality of life is not just about money. People should be deep in meaning, they should think, produce, and socialize well.”

Release date: 24.01.2020