Coaching Training for School Counselors

“Special Education and Counselling Certificate Program” was organized on educational coaching in cooperation with İstanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education and Nişantaşı University. Special Education and Counselling Certificate Program was held in Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cevdet Uysal Conference Hall at Nişantaşı University. Directors of Counselling and Research Centres, administrators, school counsellors and special education teachers, which were 39 people in total, participated in the program. It lasted 6 days.

Serkan Gür, the Deputy Manager of İstanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education, and also in charge of Special Education Counselling and Lifelong Vocational Training stated, “We pay attention to special education and counselling studies as Provincial Directorate for National Education. We have a number of project mobilities in this field. Especially, we, as İstanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education, put our signatures under valuable studies in terms of the policies the ministry developed. This study is one of them and also a cooperative activity that prepares people and our trainers”.

“Special Education and Counselling field includes the disabled”

Highlighting that special education and counselling field includes the disabled, especially the deaf and blind, Mr. Gür said,” The art and science centre, recently called “a shining star”, has a wide range of children including the gifted. I would like to mention about the increase of such kind of investments lately. Of course, teachers are at the centre of such a mobility. Enhancing their qualifications is one of the most important indicators of improvement of the quality in this field. To this end, we have realized a program within the scope of teacher training with your university. Nişantaşı University supported us academically in terms of enhancing our teachers’ personal and occupational skills”.

“The position of a school counsellor is not same as in the past”

Nazik Kösegil, the Head of Counselling and Career Department, Nişantaşı University said, “Our university has been making such kind of collaborations with the National Education frequently in a year. We are always trying to provide academic support in our collaborations with Provincial Directorate for National Education and support any person who has a voice in a student’s life in order that s/he can be knowledgeable and experienced academically. The position of a school counsellor is not same as in the past. There were no sufficient school counsellors at schools, and guidance was provided in accordance with partly a student’s opinion and partly his/her environment. Now it is being conducted based on more scientific and academic grounds. There is still substantial shortage of school counsellors in our schools. Counselling services are the most valuable places for the improvement of a society.  Everybody needs to support and pay attention to counselling services, and act according to their guidance. We can achieve a happier society if people with more scientific and academic background and experience prepare our students for life rather than by chance. Therefore, we hope that all these shortages can be made up, and a counsellor can reach all students.”.

6-day-Educational Coaching Program

İsmail Barış Özpazarcık, both the founder and trainer of Etkin İnsan Gelişim Institute and a professional coach told, “We have just completed our 6-day-educational coaching program organized in collaboration with İstanbul Directorate for National Education, Nişantaşı University protocol and Etkin İnsan Gelişim Institute. Directors of Counselling and Research Centres, administrators, school counsellors and special education teachers participated in the program. Content of the program focused on how a difference can be created in education world, and how we can contribute to students’ change and transformation. We can reach our present students and youth, maintain more healthy communication with them and help them focus on their goals. It is one of our fundamental aims to accompany students setting goals and help the students without any targets set goals. Students with targets always make a difference and carry us into the future. We have discussed and worked on the dynamics that carry them into the future. It was a training with lots of hands-on practice.”.

Release date: 19.06.2017