International success in robotics competition from Turkish students

Nişantaşı University students, 114 projects from 14 countries competed in the International Robotics Competition Robochallenge, bringing our country third place in the World 2 May 2020 in Poland has obtained the right to participate directly in the competition.

Nişantaşı University students took third place in the Robochallenge 2019 Romania Robot competition held in Bucharest and participated by 14 countries including Japan, Romania, Lithuania, Mexico, France, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Moldova, Peru, Serbia, Colombia, Ecuador.

School of Civil Aviation second year student Ümit Çiftçi and Vocational School of Computer Programming first year student Göktuğ Hatipoğlu, R & D Club consultant and Nishnova Manager Associate Professor Zeynep Birsu Çinçin participated under the mentorship of the Robochallenge International Robotics Championship MiniSumo Robot category was qualified to be the world's third.

Students competing in groups under 18 and older demonstrated their skills in 14 different categories: Mega Sumo, Mini Sumo, Micro Sumo, Nano Sumo, humanoid Sumo, line tracker, line tracker developed, Maze, football, humanoid Robot, Freestyle showcase, Air Race and also Mini Sumo for children and line tracker categories. A total of 114 robots participated in the competition crowned with the third place in the world Nişantaşı University students will be held on 2 May 2020 in Poland 4. Jurabot won direct participation for the International Robotics Competition.


Release date: 21.11.2019