Continue to work in the semester as well: A thousand students came together at the YKS camp

YKS camp for university student candidates is organized by Nişantaşı University Guidance and Career Department. Thanks to the camp, which will last for 5 days, over a thousand candidates came together at Nişantaşı University, and had the opportunity to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

While speaking about the YKS camp, Nişantaşı University Guidance and Career Department Head Kaan Kıvanç said, “We organized a YKS camp for the 12th grade and graduate group candidates between 27-31 January. In this camp, the candidates will not only take lessons, but will also be informed about the university, professions, and the right choice. There are over a thousand participants. We will give them lessons for 4 days. On the last day of the camp, we will hold the TYT trial exam, which will involve 2 thousand students.”


Kaan Kıvanç stated that the problems that are the most challenging and the most used topics in the exam are dealt with in the camp. He said “Students are in a big competition. Currently school and private education courses are on holiday. Many students spend this week relaxing. But the students attending the camp will spend this week efficiently. This is an opportunity for them to get ahead of the competitors.”


While reminding that there is about 140 days left for the exam, Kaan Kıvanç also advised the candidates. Kıvanç stated:

“Students don't have to master all the subjects. They should not miss questions from what they are good at. They can settle in many universities with their average net. They should spend the remaining days in a way that is efficient, planned, and that they will use their energy correctly. In the exam, they need to know how many questions come from which topic, what type of score type they need to prepare. In this direction, they need to create a curriculum. In this process, candidates can get support by contacting Nişantaşı University Guidance and Career Department in any matter they think of. Since the start of the 2019-20 education period, we have held seminars in nearly 300 high schools and have explained these issues. They can also visit our campus and get information directly from us.”

Release date: 29.01.2020