The Weimar Creative Studio is the guest of Design Days

Design Days III event was organized by Nişantaşı University Faculty of Art and Design, Graphic Design Department.

Creative Director from the Weimar Creative Studio, Ahmet Cebecioğlu, Art Director İbrahim Can, Product Designer Berk Mehmet Özel, Copywriter Olgaç Taştan and Account Manager Tuğberk Kızıltaş were the guests of the seminar. The participants explained to the students of the graphic department how the job descriptions in the agencies, the design processes and the working principles of the creative agencies. In addition, information about task sharing in design processes, design trends of 2020, co-production of technology and design, and interactive design production processes were also shared.

After the seminar, a workshop was held. In line with the information coming from the agency, students took part in the design process of the study. It was reported that a student selected from among those who completed the design and sent to The Weimar Creative Studio would be provided with an opportunity.

Release date: 28.02.2020