Community Service A Love

An education system based on community service is adopted in every country and very system by everybody. It is desired that the youth in higher education age should take part in socially beneficial works.

Nişantaşı University made an agreement with SosyalBen Academy, a project consultancy company, in order to help students be equipped with more responsibility awareness in the previous days. Can Uysal, the General Secretary of Nişantaşı University, explained they established a Community Service Practices Department at the university, and added, "Community service is a love, passion and they will experience the difference of combining this with social responsibility projects".

The university not only benefits the students in the field of responsibility and social entrepreneurship but also aims to provide a chance to learn with experience thanks to practical projects in accordance with this protocol. For that reason, the winner will be awarded with 100% scholarship, the second will be awarded with 75% scholarship and the third will receive a tablet as a present in the competition to be organized in order to uncover students’ entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas. It is targeted that students’ sensitivity to community service and level of consciousness increase thanks to these applications.

In addition to practices, it is also targeted that students improve themselves academically.

The aim here is to raise a sensitive and responsible generation and empower the conscience of voluntarism. The students in Community Service Practices Department will have a chance to participate at both national and international responsibility projects. Two competitions were organized, one of which is for high schoolers and the other is for undergraduates in the department in order to encourage the students.

Days of sensitivity at the door

The first task of CSPD is the process for social entrepreneurship and project writing. In this scope project competitions will be organized. The other one is to enable students to experience and learn Turkey thanks to voluntary tourism they will participate. I think it is going to be a study where they can observe social problems in the region they work at. On the other hand, there will be some works on site, and gather with disadvantaged children. They will go abroad to observe social responsibility and social entrepreneurship process in international platforms, and invite the students from there.
The fact that higher education institutions make students conscious thanks to such kind of studies indicates that good days of sensitivity are closer for our future. I wish all education institutions are affected by this kindness trend beginning from kindergarten and contribute to the society with their useful services.

Sait Gürsoy

Release date: 03.05.2017