Soilless Agriculture Training Program continues in 2020

The "Soilless Agriculture Education Program", which started in 2019 with the cooperation of Nişantaşı University Continuing Education Center and Kibele Projekt, will continue in 2020. The program, which will take place on February 22-23, aims to inform people about soilless agriculture before investment.

By speaking about the training program that will take place on the Maslak campus of the university, the trainer Agricultural Engineer, M.Sc., Ramis Özgen Akın said, “We anticipated that there would be interest during we started this training in 2019, but the training we organized in Istanbul exceeded our expectations with the attendance from different cities of Anatolia. This production method has been practiced for years in the world, but it is a young area for our country. Unfortunately, the right investment cannot be made without a good knowledge of soilless agriculture.”


By speaking about the training, Kibele Project Co-Founder and General Manager, Yusuf Kurt stated that agriculture and livestock sector is a strategic area for Turkey and recently began to attract the attention of the young population in the country. Kurt stated that, along with the existing interest in this field, incorrect information is an important problem for our citizens who want to invest, and they started a training study with Nişantaşı University to provide the investors with the correct information to produce a solution to this problem.

While speaking about the credit package that was announced in the early days of the year and provided a breath to the agriculture-livestock sector, Kurt explained, “A valuable package for the greenhouse sector was presented by Ziraat Bank after the unfortunate climate events in the Mediterranean region. The loan package published in the first days of this year is a valuable opportunity for almost all areas of the industry.”

Kurt stated that the loan package is valuable tool that will be given by Ziraat Bank and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, and that will be valid until 2022 and the interest rate cut of up to 100 percent has come to the right time to invest in some areas.


By speaking about training, Nişantaşı University Continuing Education Center Coordinator Ahmet Yıldızdoğan said, “As an institution, we believe that Education 5.0 is an important tool on the way to Society 5.0 and we offer serious support to entrepreneurship as a university. One of the most important examples of this is Kibele Projekt, with whom we collaborate.”

Yıldızdoğan said that Yusuf Kurt, one of the founding partners of Kibele Projekt, is still a student of the university, and that his collaboration with the university, where he was a student, before he graduated, is an important example in terms of showing the perspective of Nişantaşı University on education. Yıldızdoğan stated that the soilless agriculture training, which they started in 2019, is the way to reach the correct information for those who want to invest in the sector today and expressed their pleasure to welcome the participants from Turkey's many provinces.

Yıldızdoğan emphasized that they will open new training programs for those who need the right information for investment as an institution.

Release date: 10.02.2020