Natural Gas Reserve In Thrace Will Give Experience In Eastern Mediterranean

“Tekirdağ has a natural gas reserve of 286 billion cubic meters, which is stated to be large enough to meet Turkey's 5-year natural gas requirement. Thanks to the serious studies and investments made in this field, the results started to be obtained, this experience will help us evaluate the resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. Operation and distribution of the reserves to be found in the Eastern Mediterranean will be easier thanks to the experience we will get from Thrace,” Prof. Dr. Senay Yalcin said.

A new natural gas reserve was found in the Muratlı District of Tekirdağ. A total of 286 billion cubic meters of natural gas have been identified as part of studies carried out by Norwegian and Canadian companies. It is stated that this is the size to meet Turkey's 5-year natural gas requirement.
According to the ‘2018 Natural Gas Market Sector Report ' released by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Turkey's natural gas imports are stated to be 50 billion 360 million cubic meters in 2018.

The rector of Nişantaşı University Prof. Dr. Senay Yalcin, said that the results of the studies began to be taken, “Turkey is aware of the wealth resources it has, he said. Especially in recent years, Turkey has been making a great deal of effort to extract its potential reserves, taking into account the resources that the surrounding countries have.

As a matter of fact, serious studies and Investments began to yield results. This is a very important development for us. There are certainly more natural gas reserves in Thrace. Given the geologic structure and geographical location of the region, this will not come as a surprise to us. Near us, Romania has rich natural gas and oil resources. On the other hand, important discoveries were made thanks to our work in the Western Black Sea. The pipeline has been laid to carry the resources we found ashore. Our search there continues. We have stationary platforms on the sea. Therefore, if we take into account the new discovery made in Thrace, we can say that there may be more natural gas reserves in the region.”

Prof. Dr. Senay Yalcin who stated that the regions closeness to Istanbul is an advantage, said there is no need for big new investment in terms of logistics. Turkey's widespread natural gas infrastructure can be easily distributed with a low cost addition. I believe there will be other reserves found in the region in the near future. We can also export to Europe if we find larger reserves later. We have the appropriate infrastructure for this, " he said.


"Turkey, especially in recent years, has been tried to get clamped down economically by known powers. Dr. Senay Yalcin who continued her words by saying, this discovery was also an important discovery in terms of supporting our ability to act in the international arena, stated that this and such discoveries will help to close a very important part of Turkey's current account deficit. The expenditure for natural gas exploration will be directed to investment for alternative energy sources, the share of domestic and national energy sources in production and consumption will increase as a result, our dependence on energy to the outside will come to an end. As our energy potential, which is an element of national power for a country, increases, our hand will also strenghten geopolitically. On the other hand, an important part of our installed power in electric power generation consists of natural gas conversion plants. This discovery is very important in this respect because we obtain a large part of our electricity using natural gas,” he said.


Dr. Yalcin who stated the need for natural gas storage investments will decrease, said that " natural gas storage investments have been made and continues to be made in the Salt Lake and Trakya to meet future natural gas needs. The natural gas reserves in Thrace will support us to reduce these investments. Because we will already have a stored Reserve naturally. For these reasons we can say that it is a very important discovery,” he said.


Prof. Dr. Yalçın who emphasized that Experience will be gained in many subjects ranging from Infrastructure Facility to logistics services in order to make the Reserves available, said "This experience will help us provide the resources we believe we will find in the Eastern Mediterranean. We are doing serious drilling in the eastern Mediterranean right now. We'll find huge natural gas deposits there, too. Their operation and distribution will be easier thanks to the experience we will get from Thrace.”

Release date: 27.11.2019