Turkey Drone League and Nişantaşı University assemble Drone Lovers in Games Week

Games Week İstanbul assembling game world and game lovers has become the address for the ones who would like to use drone for the first time, drone lovers and young entrepreneurs. Nişantaşı University acting in partnership with Turkey Drone League both assemble the visitors with drones and present VR and game software produced by its students to the participants in scope of the fair.

Aim of the fair held at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy is to accelerate technic, social and economic growth of Turkish game developers, and to enhance their standards, achievements and popularity at international levels. The fair entertains game developers from Finland, Iran, India, China, Norway and Russia as well as wide-ranging national participants.

VR and game software produced in Nişantaşı University are presented to the participants in the fair Nişantaşı University and Vancouver Film School participated. Nişantaşı University acting in partnership with Turkey Drone League in scope of Nish partner project reaches worldwide drone lovers through this fair.


Mr. Mehmet, Project Development Specialist of the university, emphasized the importance of the school’s cooperation with Turkey Drone League, and said,”It is really important that technology and education is together. A conscious technology usage is the forerunner of the technology in the future. For example, any person can press the button of a drone remote control and use it. S/he can take videos with that and get rid of stress, but such products may harm the environment or people when they are used unconsciously. For example, they may cause permanent damage on the face if it hits. Training to be provided is of great importance in such terms. We are also happy to host such kind of an event as the university ".   


Can Tayfun, one of the founders of Turkey Drone League and Drone Sports Association, stated, "Our goal is to raise awareness of the people about drone and increase the number of users in Turkey. Also, to enable this increase deliberately. There are 40-50 thousand drone users in Turkey and we would like to get this up to 200-250 thousands. Therefore, we would like to have new pilots and technicians among these people. Drone pilotage has become an occupation. You take photo, and can be engaged in farming and save life. We have established an infrastructure to catch up with the world technology as much as possible. We have training and competition legs. We also take part in shows as seen here. Nişantaşı University is one of our partners. A part of our office is located there, so we start trainings, too ".  


Stating that there are 60-70 certified drone pilots now bound to Aviation Federation, Mr. Tayfun informed about drone competitions. He said that these competitions performed with 32 players have not been organized regularly in Turkey and abroad yet and the rules have not been integrated, and added, “There is no world drone league or federation yet. This has an order in Turkey. It is bound to Aviation Federation. Therefore, licensed players can be raised.”


Stating that they will start trainings in scope of the partnership with Nişantaşı University, Tayfun said, "We are primarily going to start with simple trainings. We are going to answer the questions such as what is drone, how it is flown, what parts it is composed of. Then, we are going to make the necessary application to get certified. We need it now. We are inside an educational institution and we must do that. We are also in contact with aviation and radio clubs inside the university. We are trying to make them more active. We are organizing various competitions and activities in the school”. 

Kaan Karabıyık, one of the professional pilots of Turkey Drone League, using drone for 6 years, exclaimed using a drone equals to flying, and added "This is a really pleasant hobby and sport, but we need to do it in open air and away from people as much as possible in order to avoid possible dangers ". Evren Eşbe, finishing the second leg of Turkey Drone Championship as the winner, mentioned about the roles of drone in the fair. He said, "We would like to introduce this sport to others, make it loved, show how it is used in the simplest way here, and explain how it can start and where it can end in the competitions and shows" and added they will have every willing person to use drones.

CNR Games Week İstanbul will be visited till 5 November 2017.

Release date: 03.11.2017