Script Doctor Training Certificate Program Offered for the First Time in Turkey was completed at the Nisantaşı University

Producer Faruk Turgut, producer and scriptwriter Birol Güven and program coordinator Prof. Dr. Gülseren Yücel gave certificates to the participants of the program held on 28 April -13 May.

Script doctor training, which is an important expertise required in the production of qualified scripts in the Cinema and Television industry, was the first training program that issued a certificate at the university level and opened in our country in this field. The trainers of the program were Prof. Dr. Gülseren Yücel, Script Consultant Işıl Sönmez, dramaturg and trainer Erdem Avşar, writer and director Ümit Ünal, producer Duygu Albayrak, writer and producer Birol Güven and producer Faruk Turgut. Program coordinator Dr Gülseren Yücel said, ‘’The target audience of the program was those who wanted to pursue a career in this field, scriptwriters who wanted to gain the ability to critically evaluate their own scenarios, those who worked as creator producers on TV channels and production companies'' and stated that the aim of the training was to be able to analyze the good and problematic aspects of a scenario in depth, to express the problems and the areas that need improvement with concrete and technical concepts, to learn the methods of preparing effective and functional scenario reports, and to introduce the participants with the industrial relations network was part of the training. Professor Dr. Yücel said that they believed that this program would contribute to the fact that script doctor would gain ground in the cinema and television industry as a profession and permanent value, and that the program would be reopened in the future.

Release date: 24.05.2018