International Relations Faculty Member Dr. Gökhan Ak Evaluated Cyprus Policy

A conference titled "The Inner Side of the Competition in the Eastern Mediterranean" was held at the Nişantaşı University Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus on 14 May. In the conference given by Dr. Gökhan AK, who is a faculty member in the Department of International Relations, Cyprus centered policies of the Greek Cypriots-Greek couple and the European Union, were mentioned; In this context, the searches for the sea-bottom hydrocarbon richness carried out especially around the island of Cyprus (especially in the southern waters of the island) were discussed with their political, economic and military dimensions. The most important point emphasized in the conference is: It is not possible in terms of geology that hydrocarbon sources, which are claimed to be at the bottom of the sea in the southern part of Cyprus and which the Greek side is seeking with unilateral actions in the region contrary to international law, are actually in this region. Because, it is seen that the searches carried out with the Greek initiatives to date have been inconclusive. Therefore, it can be said that the perception of the presence of these hydrocarbon sources created in the region is virtual, its main purpose is to create a point of attraction for the other owner of the island, the Turkish Cypriot side, by taking the EU and the USA on their side, and to provide a solution in favor of the Greek Cypriot-Greek couple.

Release date: 16.05.2018