University Youth's Designs

"Young Works Exhibition" consisting of the designs of NİŞANTAŞI University Faculty of Art and Design students was presented to the art lovers. The exhibition, hosted by Adahan Hotel Exhibition Hall, aims to make the work of young people visible. Among the products that have emerged as a result of the collaboration of students and academics, there are banners, sustainable clothing designs, designs aimed at raising awareness of violence against women, corporate identity promotions, animation works and many other works. The works of students from all classes are exhibited, and works of students from Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, Communication Design, Radio, Television and Cinema, Textile and Fashion Design departments are exhibited. "They should take a step in the world that they will take place in." Dr. Gülseren Yücel said, "Our aim was to make them visible. We wanted them to step into the world they will be in. The exhibition has become an occasion for this. We aim to be a traditional exhibition that announces its voice and creativity. " Stating that every product in the exhibition is within a concept, Prof. Dr. Yücel said, "Our students thought, inspired, set off from a concept and produced very good products. As a result, such an exhibition appeared. Here we have many departments together. Radio, Cinema and Television Department has short films and animations. They are trying to create their own voices and languages, and they are in search of them.We are very happy and proud of both these students and parents, and we have visited our exhibition. I think our exhibition has fulfilled its function, "he concluded.

Release date: 22.06.2017