University Paramedics are competing to save lives.

Paramedics, which are an important part of pre-hospital emergency care, are being prepared for emergency health services. Last month, the first-aid and emergency aid students of the health vocational school made their praxises with the scenarios they created and competed fiercely.

Paramedic Association Istanbul Commission, Istanbul Bakırköy European Command and Control Center organized the 1st Ambulance Rally (ÜNİRALLİ) among the National Universities. ÜNİRALLİ, in which Paramedic department students of the universities attended and which started off with the motto “The Paramedics of the Future Save Lives”, was carried out in four stages: medical stage, toxicology, trauma and transportation.

Students of Nişantaşı University First Aid and Emergency Aid Program came in first in the transportation stage of ÜNİRALLİ among the 21 universities. Our university students competing in all stages won fourth place.

Healthcare provider University students are preparing for work life with their practical training. The students of Nişantaşı University Vocational School First Aid and Emergency Aid Program conducted exercises with the scenarios they created. Tuncel Öz, Deputy Director of Nişantaşı University Vocational School, said that they are training paramedics since 2011 in Nişantaşı University. While stating that paramedics had the opportunity to work in 112 ambulances in 2004 with the amendment in the emergency health care regulation, Öz emphasized that they wanted to draw attention to how the patient's intervention was done by showing examples of vital practices such as cardiac massage, defibrillation, medication, and injury intervention. Öz stated that they continue their training with the support of Paramedic Association and Faculty Members who are experienced in their field, who have field knowledge and equipment. He added "During an emergency, the arriving of paramedics with intervention competence at the scene with protocols determined by the Ministry of Health increases the pre-hospital survival rate. Providing the transfer of the patients to the hospital with equipments will reduce the possibility of disability. 112 ambulances receive thousands of calls a day. Paramedics makes the first intervention to the patient with applications that require knowledge, experience and conscience."

Release date: 10.05.2018