University Students Receive Sign Language Training to Remove Barriers

Within the scope of the "Barrier-Free Service" project, which was launched in order to communicate with the hearing impaired and to better understand them, university students, academicians and administrative staff started to take sign language education.

Within the scope of the project carried out by Nişantaşı University and Şişli District Governorship, the trainings provided by volunteer trainers will last 120 hours. Students, academicians and administrative staff can attend the trainings held at the University's Maslak Campus on weekdays. The number of participants taking courses in two groups is currently 50.


By telling that one of the social service themes of the university is "Barrier Free Service" this year, Nişantaşı University Project Office Coordinator Asst. Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Çinçin said, "We are doing this work to remove the barriers in education. We applied such a certificate program in order to make this widespread throughout the university. We wanted both our students, academicians and administrative staff to benefit from this service. At the end of the course, we wanted them to learn sign language so that they could communicate with the hearing impaired people and get a certificate in return. We aim for our participants to use this not only in our university but also in daily life."


By stating that the project has been going on for 2 years and that this training was given to public and municipal employees before, Şişli District Governorate EU and Project General Coordinator Fatih Okumuş said, "We wanted to move these trainings we provide free of charge to different areas through volunteers. In this context, we made a partnership with Nişantaşı University. With the project, our goal is to establish a network that shows where the staff who know sign language works. We want to establish a network that can be followed even from the mobile phone application. For example, we want to have an application that shows restaurants with staff who know sign language when you go to Tokat. At the moment we have not moved to the application part of the job because our work is so fresh. Generally, we are located in Istanbul such as Şişli, Sarıyer and Kadıköy. Our negotiations continue in Ordu and Mersin. We want to spread the trainings across the country."

By speaking about the feedback they received, Okumuş said, "Since we have been educating public and municipal employees from the beginning, we have received the feedback only from them. For example, we have personally seen how an employee who knows sign language in a land registry office helps a hearing-impaired citizen. We make visits in this way. We will occasionally make these visits to our private sector employees through our volunteers. "


Bucu Münüklü, a second-year student at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, said, "We are all candidates of being disabled person. There is no guarantee that this will not happen to us one day. I think everyone should learn this language. Because the number of our hearing-impaired citizens is not low. We can express ourselves somehow, but they have difficulties. If that person loses his way, it is difficult to communicate with the person he/she will ask. I would love to help and chat with him/her when I meet someone like this. I can only achieve this by learning sign language.".

Release date: 05.03.2018