Prof. Hülya Tezcan was a guest of TRT2 Channel

Prof. Hülya Tezcan, the faculty member of the Faculty of Art and Design of our university, was a guest of the program “Miyako’dan Payitahta”, aired on TRT2 Channel, presented by Günseli Kato.

Tezcan, who worked as the Head of the Sultan's Dresses Department at Topkapı Palace for many years, answered the questions about costumes and textiles in the program.

Referring to her studentship and working life, Tezcan said that her doctoral dissertation "Byzantine Period Archeology of Topkapı Palace and its Environment", which she researched in the pre-Ottoman Byzantine Period, was used as a reference book today, as it was the first Turkish book written on the archeology of the palace.

During the preparation of the study, she said that she went down to cisterns that were not entered before and transferred her observations to her work. Stating that she became even more curious thanks to what she saw and learned during the research and that she had done research for years, Tezcan stated that more than thirty cisterns were investigated in her study, and that many cisterns she discovered were included in the work.

Speaking about the talismanic shirts that she was assigned to protect during the period she was working at Topkapı Palace, Tezcan stated that the shirts gave a lot of information about the past with their writings and dates on that period. Stating that a shirt was made by many people and was designed and sewn for years, she said that she wrote a book on this subject due to the interest she received after the exhibition she prepared.

Tezcan ended her speech by reminding Turkey is a textile country and people from many countries show interest to our country on this issue.

Release date: 22.03.2021