Famous top model Tülin Şahin mentioned his visit to Nişantaşı University in the column of Para Magazine

Tülin Şahin came together with the students of Textile and Fashion Design Department during her visit to Nişantaşı University recently. The famous top model, who was very pleased with her visit, answered those who were curious about his career and fashion world. Tülin Şahin, who had a 2-hour conversation at the Kd. Judge Colonel Süleyman Takkeci Conference Hall, did not neglect to answer the questions of the students while sharing his ideas about the fashion sector. Tülin Şahin transferred the memory of her pleasant trip to her readers in her column in the weekly economy magazine Para Magazine. Here is the article:

 “The valuable name of the press world, Fikret Ercan (Fikret brother of many people) did not say hello to retirement (this is also a different admiration topic) after being an executive in the press for 50 years and started to work as a consultant at Nişantaşı University. Recently, he called me and said, "Tülin, Students of the Fashion Department of the University want to listen to you about fashion and modeling." And then he invited me to university. A lecture hall full of fashion and art students asked detailed questions about fashion and modeling. The two-hour conversation meeting does not fit on this page, of course, but I want to tell you what we have talked about in a few lines. I told the students ... The world of fashion and modeling goes hand in hand, we cannot separate them. The fashion world is one of the 3-4 largest economies in the world. We must know and be well aware that it is a huge sector that turns a big wheel. Moreover, the fashion world touches all sectors, inspires them. Those who want to take part in the fashion world should act accordingly and be aware of what kind of environment they are in. I emphasized in our conversation meeting that it is very important that we should all know that we are a ring in this chain, and that we all have a defined role in the sector.”

Release date: 02.07.2018