Software World were at Gamelab Istanbul and Nişantaşı University

Game Lab Istanbul, organized at Nişantaşı University, brought the details of the software world of the future sector to the students. The guests of the seminar that was organized for university students were Communication and Entrepreneurship Consultant Remzi Durmuş, Computer Engineer Tolun Ardahanlı and Oyunder President Tansu Kendirli.

Communication and Entrepreneurship Consultant Remzi Durmuş gave information about the causes of failures in Enterprises and incentives in the seminar. Durmuş said, “Today, entrepreneur candidates are engaged in commercial activities without sufficient experience and knowledge. This, unfortunately, causes the enterprise he does not to be too long. Before entering commercial activity, the entrepreneur candidate should analyze how much he dominates the market he will enter and how the commercial activities in that market work.” Computer Engineer Tolun Ardahanlı made a presentation on Artificial Intelligence Approaches in Application Security and talked about what artificial intelligence can change with cyber security. Then Oyunder President Tansu Kendirli answered those who were curious about his career in the game industry.

Release date: 29.08.2018