Warning for those entering YKS: Friendship affects the success in the exam.

High school senior students and candidates who could not enter in the departments they wanted by taking the exam in previous years will break a sweat in the university exam. The first session of the exam, the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT), will be held on June 20 this year, and the second session, the Field Proficiency Test (AYT), and the Foreign Language Session will be held on June 21.

The guidance and career specialist Muhammet Tosun, who warned the candidate students to take the exam, stated that their friendship relations directly affect the success of the exam. By expressing the words; “Friendship relations affect exam success positively and negatively. For example, if you have a friend who is prepared for the exam regularly, this will encourage you to work regularly. Even if the attention of the candidate to take the exam is not in the courses, that friend will encourage him/her to study. The friends who has no exam motivation, are non-targeted and non-studying will steal your time for extra-curricular activities willingly or unwillingly.” Nişantaşı University Counseling and Career Specialist Muhammet Tosun said:

“There are also intense feelings of friendship. If personal issues between friends are very intense during the exam period, this will seriously affect concentration. Tense connections, tides and problems between friends keep the candidate seriously busy during the exam period. They also hurt his/her focus on lessons. Therefore, it is necessary to freeze intense friendship ties during this period and postpone it after the exam.”


By saying that the comparison of success between friends will create anxiety and stress in the candidate student, Muhammet Tosun said, “Another point is the anxiety created by expectation. The expectations of friends from each other in terms of exam results put pressure on the candidate. For example, your target does not need very high scores, but your friends do very high scores. Since you are with them, you may be exposed to comparison by your family or teachers. This can cause anxiety on you. It is an issue that parents and educators should pay attention to. The comparison between friends in this period can increase both their viewpoints and their stress towards the exam. Especially in the remaining time, the candidates are entering an emotionally intense period. During this busy period, friends may influence each other more than their families. In such critical importance, it is necessary to be very sensitive and professional in external interventions. Because there are friends who aim to go to the same university and the same department together. Their motivation should not be compromised by comparison. Based on our observations, we can say that friendship relations are directly effective on exam success.”


By underlining that students will take the exam alone and have to set individual goals, Muhammet Tosun said, “Candidate students should know that they should create an individual study program and an individual goal. A goal such as 'We will all become doctors, lawyers together' is not a correct target. They should set goals by getting to know themselves and the professions. As a result of the comparison, someone will necessarily be upset. Therefore, they should not compare themselves with their friends. Instead of experiencing more intense friendship connections in the remaining time, I suggest that they only come together at resting times. I would like to say that when they come together, it will be useful to talk about extra-curricular subjects.”


By emphasizing that families should intervene in a moderate manner without going into comparison, Muhammet Tosun said, “If the student has lost his/her motivation, it is necessary to make small reminders about his/her goals without pressure and violence. There may be reminders such as "You are preparing for the university for this reason, you wanted to be like this?"

Release date: 17.02.2020