Secretary General

Dear students,

As the general secretary of Nisantasi University, I am proud to make it public that I am going to undertake:

✔ to enable the units in the administrative organization of our university to work in a productive, regular and harmonious way,

✔ to serve as a rapporteur without voting in the Senate of University and University Administrative Committee and to make it possible to write, protect and keep the decisions made in these committees,

✔ to convey the decisions of the Senate of University and University Administrative Committee to the affiliated units of the university,

✔ to make suggestions to the rector about the personnel to be commissioned for the administrative organization of the university,

✔ to conduct the service of press and public relations,

✔ to conduct the correspondence of the rectorate,

✔ to arrange the protocols, visits and ceremonies of the rectorate,

✔ to fulfil similar duties and jobs given by the rector.

Above all, we aim to offer you a quality education by improving and developing ourselves every day in order to produce graduates befitting Nisantasi University.

With my best regards,