Mission & Vision


With consideration paid to the fact that each student has their own fields of interest, requirements and learning motivations, we are after raising a generation able to use the opportunities and innovations likely to be brought into working life by the technological revolution with the personalized and project-based education model; having the skills and abilities required for the world digitalized and integrated with the automation systems and robotic technologies; capable of adapting themselves to the professions of the future; and making it their sole and essential purpose to learn lifelong.


Industry 4.0, meaning digitalization of the industry and its equipment with high technology, makes it necessary to make a transformation in education naturally. In this context, it adopts an education model integrated with technology, supporting research and development, focusing on developing innovative products, valuing entrepreneurship, prioritizing the work models that could be transferred to digital platforms and keeping open to international cooperation. Our target is to design education practices and materials fit for digitalized world and artificial intelligence, to create novel and updated educational platforms based on student coaching, and to bolster learning through a project-based education. Our vision is based on raising a generation capable of using digital technology, interpreting how to use the big data, meeting the needs of a world equipped with artificial intelligence and internet of objects, and taking over important roles in the professions of the future.