The foundations of Nisantasi University were laid by the Nisantasi Education and Culture Trust as “Nisantasi Vocational School” and joined the higher education system as a vocational school with the publication of decision about its establishment dated 9.9.2009 and numbered 24480 in the Official Gazette dated 17.9.2009 and numbered 27532. It started its associate-degree program on 10.10.2010 as a trust institution of higher education.

Nisantasi University acquired its public entity through the Law of Establishment in the Annexe published in the Official Gazette dated 31.5.2012 and numbered 28309 for the Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering-Architecture, Faculty of Arts and Design, Institute of Science and Institute of Social Sciences. Nisantasi Vocational School was then transferred to Nisantasi University. Our university inaugurated its education services with a sum of 23 departments; 13 in the Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences, 5 in the Faculty of Engineering-Architecture, and 5 in the Faculty of Arts and Design. These departments do not offer evening education. In 2013-2014 academic year, Compulsory Foreign Language Preparatory Program was carried into effect for the undergraduate programs of Civil Air Transportation Management, International Trade and Logistics, International Relations, Psychology (Turkish) and Psychology (English). In the 2013-2014 academic year, education was given to students in 66 programs, 30 of which were evening education in Nisantasi Vocational School. In addition, there is Compulsory Foreign Language Preparatory Class in the programs of Foreign Trade, Civil Air Transportation Management, Civil Air Cabinet Services, Public Relations and Publicity, Business Management, Logistics, Applied English and Translation and Plane Technology. The language of instruction in the programs is Turkish.

In 2014-2015 academic year, the number of departments was 19 in the Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences, 5 in the Faculty of Engineering-Architecture and 6 in the Faculty of Arts and Design, while it was 78 in Nisantasi Vocational School. Moreover, Master’s Degree programs were opened in the Departments of Psychology (with thesis), Textile and Fashion Design (without thesis), Business Management (with and without thesis) and International Financial Reporting and Audit (without thesis).


Our young university serves the Turkish youth and higher education with its modern substructure equipped with the latest technology and with its dynamic, competent and experienced academic staff.