Transfer Admission


To get information about the Lateral Transfer Period opportunity and our other opportunities, fill the application form and we will call you.

Candidates wishing to apply for internal lateral internal transfer must fill in the INTERNAL LATERAL TRANSFER APPLICATION FORM and send it to [email protected] e-mail address on the specified application dates. Applications of candidates who do not submit the form will not be considered.

Application Conditions and Required Documents

1 - ÖSYS Results and Placement Documents
2 - Photocopy of High School Diploma (can be printed by E-Devlet)
3 - Student Certificate (Newly Dated)
4 - Disciplinary Letter (It can be written on the transcript or student certificate)
5 - Copy of ID
6 - Approved Certificate of Achievement / Transcript (Newly Dated)
7 - Approved Course Contents
8 - The Document That There Is No Obstacle To Student Transfer
9 - Appendix- Letter Regarding No Undergraduate Transfer With Article 1
10 - 2 Passport Photographs

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