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The main purpose of medical education is to train qualified and specialist physicians who will increase the health level of the society in a sustainable way, to raise qualified people who will provide these trainings effectively and efficiently, and to provide universal health services. The aim of our faculty is to provide graduates with technical skills and competencies by giving training covering al practical and theoretical subjects in basic, surgical and internal branches with the latest technological opportunities. Students will be given basic sciences in the first semester of medical education, and basic principles of human biology and microbiology in the second semester. In the third semester, systems will be covered in terms of physiopathology, pathology, pharmacology and clinical sciences. The fourth and fifth semesters of the faculty are reserved for internships in clinics. During these two periods, national and international seminars will be held in addition to studies on patients, clinical trainings and courses. The sixth year is the internship period before graduation. In this period, students will prepare themselves for medicine by contacting patients and taking responsibility under the supervision of lecturers and experts.

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