Towards 39th İstanbul Marathon

13 companies will run for Darüşşafaka Society in Vodafone 39th İstanbul Marathon to be organized by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Sport İstanbul on Sunday, November 12.

According to the explanation from Darüşşafaka Society, important companies of Turkey have supported the campaign initiated by Darüşşafaka Society in order to meet the annual tuition costs of 48 students who have just started the school this year.

Darüşşafaka Society, one of the members of “Adım Adım” established in 2008 in order to introduce and popularize collective “charity run”, as is called abroad, in Turkey, aims to meet annual tuition costs of 48 students who have just started school this year thanks to the donations and funds to be collected in scope of İstanbul Marathon.

Turkey’s outstanding companies such as Mercedes-Benz Turk, Burgan Bank, Özak Global, Panasonic Eco Solutions Turkey, PirelliPrometeon Turkey, Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus, Conrad İstanbul Bosphorus, Biltes College, Green&Black Marine Logistics, Cefic Turkey, Günsan Electric, iDisplay and Nişantaşı University will run in İstanbul Marathon for Darüşşafaka Society and contribute to equality of opportunity in education as well as individual supporters adopting the slogan “If it is for education, we will run for help”.

Target: to collect 480 thousand liras

Memnun Talha Çamaş, the CEO of Darüşşafaka Society, reported that their target is to collect 480 thousan liras in Vodafone 39th İstanbul Marathon.

Mr. Çamaş  thanked the enterprises and individuals contributing to Darüşşafaka Society maintaining its activities for 154 years in order to provide opportunity for quality education to capable orphaned students with insufficient financial potentials and stated as follows: 

"Hundreds of kind-hearted people will make step for Darüşşafaka in Vodafone 39th İstanbul Marathon and hundreds of others will give power to them and Darüşşafaka with their donations. This is a concrete example of favour, cooperation and the effort of presenting a bright future to our children.410 runners and 3 thousand 214 donators supporting them with the motto “It if is for education, we’ll run for help” collected 407 thousand 864 liras for our students last year. This year our aim is to collect 480 thousand liras that will be used for tuition costs of 48 students who have just started school. We sincerely thank the individuals and companies that respond to our call “If it is for education, will you run for help?” immediately without leaving us alone on this path. The more crowded we are, the better future we will have."

Release date: 08.11.2017