6th Aviation Summit

6th Aviation Summit has held in NİŞANTAŞI University. Necla Yildirim stating that they care about their students coming together with the sector representatives said, “We bring the representatives of the sector and the students in our aviation department together and ensure that the students see their deficiencies from their own perspective”.

The 6th Aviation Summit was held at Nişantaşı University NeoTech Campus. Chairman of Onur Airlines Cabin Services Tülay Bulut, Singapore Airlines Director for Turkey Erdoğan Şamcı and DHL Air Cargo Service Manager Emre Öztekin took place in Summit as participants.

Students fromAir Traffic Control, Trunk Motor and Electronics Departments from the School of Aviation, Civil Aviation Management from Vocational School, Cabin Services and Aircraft Technology and Aviation Management from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences attended at the summit


Nişantaşı University Civil Air and Transportation Management Program President Necla Yıldırım stated that they have been doing the aviation summit since 2012. “It has become a tradition. We bring students from the aviation department and industry representatives together and ensure that students see their deficiencies from their perspective. In the meantime, we have a close relationship with the companies and in the context of positive discrimination, we are also forming an infrastructure for our students to work in future, for their internship opportunities and their bilateral relations with companies.”


“These summits are being held for our students,” said Program President Yıldırım. “We can train any kind of students who will appeal to all kinds of needs of aviation, in both in 2 years and 4 years programs. Our main aim here is the student's sector; learning outside the course, not as a theory as practical one-to-one relations with representatives from the sector. And in order for them to decide how to shape their careers in this direction, it is important to us that these summits are held once or twice a year. But it is even more important for students to participate in this.


Emre Öztekin, DHL Air Cargo Service Manager, who stated that they care about being together with young people as a company, said “As a company in terms of human resources, we attach great importance to being a team with young people, creating innovative ideas and getting young people involved. It is our priority to ensure this information transition in our teams. It is a priority for us both to introduce new ideas here and to perceive this in different departments. For this, we also think that we need this energy”.

Service Manager Öztekin who conducted projects with Nişantaşı University said: “We organized a panel with Nişantaşı University last year. Then we created an internship pool. We established a bridge between our teachers and our human resources department. Here, we have consulted on the processes where we can evaluate the contribution of our students, which will facilitate the learning processes of the departments where they are appropriate according to the class they are in and the time they can allocate. Although we did not begin physically yet in the coming period we are considering to use these resources”.


Release date: 29.11.2018