Anadolu Yatırım Inc. Executive Vice President Hakan Kocaman has been a guest in our Management and Organization

On May 2, 2019, Anadolu Yatırım A.Ş. Executive Vice President Mr. Hakan KOCAMAN shared his knowledge and experiences with our students about Head of Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences,Lecturer Gözde MERT’s  "The Power of Competition and Conflict Management in Knowledge Economy" within the scope of Management and Organization course.
Mr. KOCAMAN drew attention to the issues of digital competition, relations and powers in institutions, management methods, decision making methods, management of conflicts and conflicts with internal and interim institutions.

Mr KOCAMAN stated that the brokerage firm should inform the customer before presenting the relevant activity or service about the content and causes of conflicts of interest that may arise between him and his customers and it is necessary to to be axplained of all relationships and conditions likely to affect the objectivity of the comments and recommendations provided during the Investment Advisory or Action of General Investment Recommendation Advise ,important financial interests about capital market, in which particular comments and advice is relevant or or to be explained of conflicts of interest with exporters to customers in case the conflict of interest cannot be prevented due to reasonable reasons arising from the functioning of the market.

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Release date: 07.05.2019