Coach Academy Took Place at Nişantaşı University

The Coach Academy, held for the first time, was completed under the hosting of Nişantaşı University's Neotech campus. The programme, which was held to contribute to the development of orienteering coaches, lasted two days. North Deer Extreme Sports Club and Nişantaşı University School of Physical Education and Sports prepared in partnership with the Coach Academy was appreciated. The trainings given by Abdullah Özdemir and Umut Davut Başoğlu attracted the attention of coaches from different cities of our country. 37 coaches from 20 different clubs participated in the organization.

Topics covered in the Program were as follows:

• Training planning and system,
• Athlete monitoring and observation,
• Performance measurements and evaluations,
• Force Studies and applications,
• Sprint Studies and applications

It represents an important step towards gaining international success at the Coach Academy. It is planned to ensure continuity of these academies where coaches will share their knowledge. Many provinces want to host academies to be held at different times during the year. In order to determine the next Coaching Academy, the coaches ' opinions were taken, and the program.

Release date: 27.09.2019