Support from TÜSEB to the project of Faculty Member Dr. Özlem Ateş Duru

Evaluation process of the applications for the Turkey Institutes of Health Association (TÜSEB)’s Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Strategic R & D Project Call (2019-TR-01), in which innovative approaches for the diagnosis, following, treatment of diseases were aimed to develop, has ended.

In this context, Project of Nişantaşı University Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Unit Coordinator Faculty Member Dr. Özlem Ateş Duru on Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) disease, which is a kind of bone marrow cancer, was among the 30 projects supported by TÜSEB.

The project aimed to identify different biomarker molecules, functional biological processes and pathways by integrating functional genomic data with genome-sized biological networks through an approach of system biomedicine and pharmacology. It is also aimed to investigate the effect of candidate biomarkers and drug targets on the molecular level by experimental methods.


By mentioning that "I am delighted to be involved in the process with the support of this project in the field of system biology and bioinformatics, where innovative approach studies in health have gained importance," Faculty Member Dr. Özlem Ateş Duru said, “When it is envisaged that the new methods and techniques can be developed with the study, it is possible to provide new therapeutic treatments, and the developed approach and method can be applied to other diseases as well, and the output of the project has a high-efficiency, low-cost and risk-free treatment potential for both AML and other diseases. With the vision of our university adopting science, research, creativity and innovation, we aim to achieve success with different projects. For these reasons, I would like to extend my thanks to our university and TÜSEB for their contributions and support in the field of science and technology. "

Release date: 21.02.2020