E-Sports Enthusiasts Meet at Nishcon-2019

Nişantaşı University brought together e-sports fans with the event called Nişantaşı University Convention (NISHCON-2019). The participating players and teams showed their skills in e-sports.

E-sports which entered our lives with the millennium shows great development in Turkey along with the whole world. E-sport with technological advances captivate the new generations hearts and has 32 million players in Turkey. There are also 4 million e-sports followers.

In this sense, Nişantaşı University, which is one of the biggest supporters of e-sports, brought together e-sports fans with the event Nişantaşı University Convention (NISHCON-2019).

At NISHCON-2019, which took place yesterday at Maslak 1453 Neotech Campus, players and teams showed their skills. On the other hand, the participants with the best cosplay costume were determined with the 'GIST 2019 Cosplay competition.

Participating in the event, the e-sports fans experienced VR Saber Hero, Just Dance, Mortal Kombat and various games. The participants of the workshops and interviews had the chance to share the experiences of the big names who had developed themselves on different subjects.


Nişantaşı University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Department of Journalism Instructor, 3-Dimensional Simulation Design Specialist Ali Efe emphasized that that e-sports have 300 million followers worldwide:

"The continuous e-sports audiences in the game industry have multi-faceted reflexes, and the individual needs and preferences vary considerably on an individual basis, as a result, you get a structure where every demand is precisely guided by supply. So that, when the demands are not met even in the slightest design or software process, it’s a simple matter to go bankrupt for companies. With the help of social media platforms, in which users can reflect their reflexes even faster after 2007, there is a mass has a saying in an economic sense. We talk about 300 million followers, and when we look at us, our e-sports audience is about 4 million. The expectation is that this number will increase. In particular, we can say that this number will increase by at least 1.5 times towards 2021. "

Release date: 18.01.2019