'Blended' education instead of traditional

Saying, “A period will end with the corona epidemic, another period will begin,” Levent Uysal, the founding chairman of Nişantaşı University, commented on the changes in education and training.

Saying that the traditional classroom environment, the system that supports memorization and exams is insufficient to raise the generation that will produce the future, Uysal said, “The system is stuck yesterday. After that, we cannot say that it will be completely distance education, but the 'blended learning model', which is a whole of virtual and formal education, will become widespread. ” Stating that both face-to-face education and web-based education can benefit from this model, Uysal pointed out that participation in student programs such as Erasmus and Exchange will also decrease.


This is a period when the traditional education model and the criteria of success are tested. The system, which now supports the traditional classroom environment, memorization and exams, is unfortunately inadequate in raising the generation that will produce the future because it does not listen and understand them. The whole world is changing at a tremendous pace, but the education system is unfortunately very, very stationary compared to this change. The system is stuck yesterday. However, as everything is changing, the learning styles, perception, perspective, and expectations of the youth change. However, we cannot say that there will be completely distance education because technology allows, which is not possible because all lessons and abilities are not suitable for this. Some knowledge and abilities must also be gained through experience. For this reason, the 'blended learning model', which is a whole of virtual and formal education, will become widespread. With this model, it is possible to benefit from the positive aspects of both face to face education and web based education.


International travels and arrivals, including programs such as Erasmus and Exchange, will decrease and will not increase for a certain period of time. This includes not only the departure, but also the arrivals as I said. What is important here is that our students do not lose their motivation to return, not to study abroad. Of course, everyone should go and learn, add a new knowledge and experience, meet new people, see education models, develop the business area, but the motivation needed to return all this to their homeland should be provided and supported.

Release date: 12.04.2020