Hamit Altıntop: We need proffessionals in Football

Turkey Football Federation (TFF) Board and Executive Board member, Hamit Altintop said, "Superstructure makes Infrastructures. We need professionals in football. We become professional extemporally. Because, we learned this by crying tasting, and feeling.".

The Career Law Association organized the International Sport Summit and Ediz Bahtiyaroğlu Award Ceremony on February 11-12 which was hosted by Nişantaşı University.

By speaking in the summit, Altintop said, "Is an Ajax Club come out of us? A better Ajax out of us can arise from us. Because our fabric is good, but to whom do we give this fabric, who processes it, who makes the texture of it. We need to pay attention to it. Here we need to focus on education, science and transportation. I do not believe that we have been working overtime, overtime is to go into detail while evaluating after the match.

Details do not flourish Football by talking about the referee. There is Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system in Turkey last 2 years. How well do you know the VAR system? You love something, you don't know the rules and if you play a game without knowing the rules, you make the game ugly. Sorry, we do this. Learn the rules while watching football or respect the labor of the football player or trainer. Because there is an effort there. Unless we respect each other, we cannot make this work beautiful. "


Former national football player Nihat Kahveci said that he started football at the age of 14 and came to Beşiktaş Football youth setup at the age of 16.

Kahveci continued his words as follows:

"I am imagining the conditions at that time. I know the conditions today. There is a 360-degree difference. There is no such thing as everyone will be a football player. In this life, we discover our talents when we were young. When I was a kid, we were using a stove at home. When the coal came, I was taking it down through the thin stairs to my basement. I made a ball from socks and put it in the stovepipe, I said myself I can use my hands well. I was using my foot well while bouncing the ball. First, we need to discover our talents. Not everyone can be a football player, engineer, doctor, coach and manager after all. When we discover our talents, we inevitably go on a path. Football players come out of our resources. Today, Turkish footballers playing in our league and Turkish footballers playing in European clubs always grow up from a team's youth setup. I was trained in Beşiktaş's youth setup. There are players from the youth setup of teams in Germany, but we want Beşiktaş to have 8 players on its own resources, and now they will play in the A team. I wish that were happen. Training the player and bringing it to the A team is an issue to be discussed this year."

Release date: 11.02.2020