“İmgeler, Haller ve Başka Şeyler” staged for the women

The play specifically prepared for 8th March Women’s Day, “İmgeler, Haller ve Başka Şeyler”, opens its doors to the theatre-lovers on March 25. The play university students will put on the stage is about female refugees.

The play specifically prepared for 8th March Women’s Day by the Faculty of Arts and Design of Nişantaşı University, “İmgeler, Haller ve Başka Şeyler”, is getting ready to meet art lovers. The play aiming to attract attention to the position of the women within society will be put on the stage in Maslak 1453 Campus of the university“ on March 25 under the theme of “female refugee”. Prof. Dr. Yavuz Demir, the Head of New Media Department, wrote the script of the play to be put on the stage by the university students while Lecturer Ezgi Koç and instructors of Stage and Performing Arts Department directed the play.

Prof. Dr. Melis Oktuğ Zengin, the Dean of Faculty of Arts and Design, stated this play will provide students with great gains, and added, “There are two fundamental ways we follow in scope of our university’s mission and vision. The first of them is to bring arts together with technology. The other one is to conduct interdisciplinary studies in our faculty. We give great importance to the creation of a synergy by all our students in each work and enjoy working together. We have designed an experimental study for March 8 with this energy. Our play was developed in compliance with the importance of that day. A male lecturer wrote the play, and a female instructor directs it. I believe their synergy will create a great work”.


Lecturer Ezgi Koç, the director of the play, mentioned about the topic of the play and said, “Conflict and partnership are dealt in the play over a female refugee and a businesswoman. In fact, our story tells all women are refugees in the main theme. We have 9 characters in the play, which is created for educational purposes. Our cast does not only include the women. We also have actors. Male characters support the women in the play and are positioned at the points that compose conflict elements. The text is literary. We have really nice quotes from Aşık Veysel and Nazım Hikmet”.


Koç reported that they aim to help students learn what woman means within the life during processes of self-existence of the students on stage and adopt some opinions about the position of the women in Turkey thanks to this play, and that they carried out an experimental work in company with professional instructors. Koç also told, “We are trying to teach our students how they can adapt an existing text to a play and how they can put that on stage thanks to this play. We keep on to cherish each sentence and give it spirit on the stage. This is an interdisciplinary work which allows the youth in performing training to gain experience.”  


Prof. Dr. Yavuz Demir, the scriptwriter of the play, who explained that the interest in March 8, the Women’s Day, has been increasing in Turkey day by day as all around the world, said, “ We have wanted to demonstrate an original play for this special day. Our play was manufactured in Text Weaving Atelier in our university. We deal with the “women” problem from a different angle in our play. We are going to reflect the story of a women realizing her self-existence within a split structure on the stage, not the sensitivity of a women as common.

The play will be put on the stage in Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus of the university as publicly open to all art lovers on March 25.

Release date: 06.03.2020