IT sector will bring together in this conference

The 10th World Information Technology Conference will be hosted this year by Nişantaşı University.

People and institutions working in the IT sector in Turkey and abroad will participate in the conference, which will be held on 20-22 November. The conference aims to meet people from different cultures with different international expertise in the IT field and exchange ideas.

By stating that "IT is now involved in all sectors from education to service,", Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Nişantaşı University Prof. Dr. Adem Karahoca said, “We will discuss the IT sector, which is changing in all areas, academically at the 10th World Information Technology Conference. We will also discuss at the conference about how artificial intelligence can be added to these systems.”

Prof. Dr. Adem Karahoca continued as following:

“The biggest advantage of this conference is closeness of its location to the Middle East and North Africa continents. We want to cooperate not only with the private sectors of these countries but with the public institutions. Thanks to this conference, we aim to cooperate between countries in the education sector as well.”


Release date: 14.02.2020